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Shocks & Struts in Glen Allen VA

Shocks & Struts Repair

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Shocks & Struts Repair & Replacement in Glen Allen VA

Shocks & Struts for your Glen Allen vehicle are important to having a comfortable & Safe drive. Our ASE certified Mechanics know the detailed specs that are needed to have your gas or diesel vehicle performing on the city streets as well as the highway. When it comes to handling you want shocks and struts which are installed correctly and are the proper automotive part. Quality shocks and struts installed by experienced mechanics in our Glen Allen auto repair shop is easy to schedule and can usually be performed in less than a day. When you see a road which looks smooth but your car or truck fells like a carnival ride from the slightest bump or hole you should come in and have an inspection. We're looking to save you money on your shocks & struts and all your car repairs in Glen Allen VA.

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Suspension Shocks & Struts Your vehicle's suspension and ability to maneuver is greatly effected by the condition of your shocks or struts. Many people describe the feeling of worn a suspension as a "boat riding the waves." This can occur because the once function components are now worn and need replaced. Rarely, but occasionally they can be our of adjustment or installed incorrectly by a "shade tree" mechanic. Our ASE certified mechanics / technicians know all the specs and have the latest in computerized manuals and equipment to get your suspension just right and your ride more comfortable. Give us a call or schedule on-line for all your automotive repair needs in Glen Allen.

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11006 West Broad St.
Glen Allen, VA 23060
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