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Car Air Conditioning Repair in Glen Allen VA

Car AC Repair in Glen Allen VA

Repair -- Recharge -- Replacement

Air Conditioning repair for your Glen Allen, Virginia car. If you turn on your AC and you it's not cool enough, there's a Mold or Musty smell - give us a call or schedule your car repair appointment on line and get cool and relaxed. Regular maintenance is required to ensure your vehicle’s air conditioner, otherwise you risk losing up to 5% of your AC’s efficiency per year. Proper maintenance will ensure your air conditioner’s performance. Not maintaining your car’s air conditioner will only hurt its performance and condition in the long run. You can save money with ourAC repairs with our Car Care Club. Join today and Save!Virginia Automotive Service is the go to Air Conditioning Service and Repair for Glen Allen, VA.

Car AC Repairs in Glen Allen VA

When you schedule an air conditioning maintenance or repair appointment with our shop, we guarantee that your factory-trained technicians will take care of your vehicle. Our shop understands all aspects of air conditioning repair and maintenance; we use only the most modern diagnostics tools and make sure to address environmental disposal concerns.

The areas we check during an AC Service includes:

If your vehicle is due for an Air Conditioning service, please do not hesitate to call us so we can help maintain your vehicle’s needs in Glen Allen VA!

Auto Repair in Glen Allen 23060 - A/C

Car AC Repair Glen Allen VA

Car Repair in Glen Allen VA has included a lot of air conditioning services. With the Summer heat and high humidity vehicles have been using their A/C. Our car care club members have been saving on their diesel & gas engine repairs by cashing in on 30/60/90 miles regular service. We often catch Air Conditioning repair needs in Glen Allen during these inspections. Small leaks can be detected early and this saves customers a lot of money with small manageable service.

Glen Allen is expected to have another 2 months of Summer heat. If your vehicle's AC is not cool enough or you have a musty smell when running the fan you can come in and we'll be glad to work on your system, bringing you comfort. Car and truck repairs like the air conditioning system allows the engine to work easier and extends the life of your Glen Allen vehicle. Phone: (804) 622-0410

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11006 West Broad St.
Glen Allen, VA 23060
Phone: (804) 622-0410

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